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Feb 7 '14
  • Edgeworth: Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye has committed an unpardonable crime. Not only this, but she was rash enough to commit it in the Prosecutor's Office lot!
  • Ema: Wow... He's much more forceful in person.
  • Ema: I suddenly feel like confessing to everything!

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Feb 6 '14

*Examine flowers*

  • Edgeworth: I suspect they were brought here from some distant foreign country. I don't know these flowers' names.
  • Gumshoe: Mmm... I like plum and cherry blossoms, myself.
  • Gumshoe: Whenever plum blossoms bloom, I know it's the time of the year for farewell parties.
  • Gumshoe: And when cherry blossoms bloom, it's the time of year for welcoming parties.
  • Edgeworth: ...Let me guess. You only care about the food, right?
  • Gumshoe: P-Please don't think so lowly of me!

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Feb 5 '14
  • Apollo: You doing okay, Athena?
  • Athena: Oh, Apollo!
  • Athena: Y-Yeah, doing great! Like, hum-a-little-tune great!
  • Apollo: Oh, yeah? Well, that's good to hear. Although...
  • Apollo: I could've sworn I heard your voice crack for a second there.
  • Athena: (Oof! I'm THAT transparent, huh?)
  • Athena: Cracking? N-No, my voice isn't cracking! Nerves of steel, here, I tell you!

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Feb 4 '14
  • Maya: This silk hat really does look like it can fly!!
  • Phoenix: It does have a feather on it. Maybe that’s why you think it can take off?
  • Maya: You’re right. Nick, I bet you could wear a hat like this!
  • Maya: This is like one of those hats a famous detective would wear!
  • Phoenix: Yeah… I guess so…
  • Maya: But… With a head as big as yours, you’d probably bust a hole in it!

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Feb 3 '14
  • Trucy: Daddy always loves his examinations!
  • Apollo: (Don’t ask, Justice. You don’t want to know.)

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Feb 2 '14
Woods: I was going to make the costume shimmer like that by painting the inside fluorescent.
Judge: Fluor… what was that again? Fluoride? Did your costume have cavities?

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Feb 1 '14
  • Trucy: …Ready? Here goes! Ta dah!!!
  • Mr. Hat: Hey folks, it’s Mr. Hat! I gotta say it’s good to be seen!
  • Phoenix: Yeeeeeeeeargh!
  • Phoenix: Woah… that was… startling.
  • Trucy: The Amazing Mr. Hat! Isn’t he great?
  • Mr. Hat: Your friendly neigborhood Mr. Hat, at your service!
  • Phoenix: He… certainly makes an impression.
  • Trucy: Doesn’t he? Ha ha ha! I’m so glad you like him, Daddy!
  • Mr. Hat: Though my routines do get a bit “heady” at times! Hah! Get it? Heady!
  • Phoenix: (…My friendly neighnorhood Mr. Hat nearly gave me a heart attack.)

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Jan 31 '14
Edgeworth: “I said that you never change, but could you have actually regressed in these eight years?”
Edgeworth: ” I won’t stand for your childish emotionalism getting in the way of the truth!”
Phoenix: (“Emotionalism”? Don’t lecture ME on matters of the heart, Edgeworth!)
Phoenix: (Because I can see straight into a person’s soul!)

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Jan 30 '14
  • Phoenix: Look at all the Buddha statues lined up along this path.
  • Phoenix: Looks like one of the cakes someone left as an offering is missing, though.
  • Phoenix: I guess Gumshoe couldn't resist, the poor guy.

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Oct 27 '13

Armstrong's coffee.

  • Godot: I drank your coffee once, Mr. Armstrong.
  • Godot: It’s special, I’ll give you that. It’s worth a sip just for the experience.
  • Armstrong: Oh, you make me so ‘appy, monsieur! You are most welcome any time!
  • Godot: I said it was worth one sip, and nothing more.

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Oct 26 '13

Lamiroir's autograph.

  • Apollo: It… It was a great concert.
  • Lamiroir: You heard me sing? Thank you.
  • Apollo: I was hoping to get an autograph later, actually…
  • Lamiroir: Of course.
  • Judge: Mr. Justice! This is a cross-examination! You’re out of line!
  • Judge: …If anyone deserves an autograph here, it’s me. One on my gavel would be nice.

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Oct 25 '13

Gumshoe's money problems.

  • Gumshoe: At the end of each month, I always like to relax in my room by candlelight.
  • Edgeworth: Detective... Can you not afford to pay your electricity bill...?
  • Gumshoe: ...How did you know?

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Oct 23 '13

Revealing magical secrets.

  • Max: I’m not actually flying on stage!
  • Max: I use invisible wires and have them hoist me through the air!
  • Maya: Wow… You just told me the secret to your magic!!
  • Max: NO!! I broke the first rule… The cardinal rule… The ONLY RULE!

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Oct 22 '13

Meekin's Rambling.

  • Meekins: All my days of posing queries and making inquiries and chasing quarries… wasted!
  • Meekins: It was as if I could see them melting away like… an ice cream cone left by the side of the road to die!!!
  • Meekins: Or the scattered remains of messily eaten chocolate parfait!!!
  • Phoenix: (Such sweet sorrows…)

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Oct 21 '13

Larry tries it.

  • Larry: You’re 26 years old, right?
  • Larry: Don’t you think it’s about time you took a long, hard look at your life?
  • Phoenix:
  • Phoenix: Coming from a guy who can only brag about how many times he’s been rejected…I find that kind of… ironic.

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